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Collaborative projects

Innovating together : partnership & special edition 

At Searider, collaboration fuels our innovation. Discover our unique partnerships and special editions that highlight our commitment to craft our products with influential partners.

Searider x Renault

“Revolutionizing Together: The Renault R5 Partnership” Experience automotive innovation merged with nautical excellence in our collaboration with Renault R5. Our special edition Searacer, part of the “5 Movement” campaign, pushes the boundaries of watercraft innovation while paying homage to the iconic Renault R5.


  • June 2024

    History in motion

    Openning of the Renault house – Champs elysées Paris 

  • 31 May 2024

    Order your special edition online ! 

  • 23 April 2024

    What the 5 show – Paris Beaubourg 

  • 29 Febuary 2024

    First unveillng at the geneva show 

Searider x His highness, the son of the Sheikh of Dubai  

Project 2: “Royalty on Water: A Special Edition for His Highness” Crafted exclusively for His Highness, the son of the Sheikh of Dubai, our bespoke Searacer exemplifies sophistication and elegance. With custom features and regal aesthetics, this special edition reflects the esteemed stature of its owner.


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